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Heart Shape

“I have known Annette for over 30 years and she offered to help with several issues that i was having with my husband by making up First Light Flower Essences for him once I had provided his birth information she needed to be able to do this.

My husband noticed a difference within several days and he was remembering to take these essences about 3 times a day  I also noticed a huge difference in his behaviour and demeanour and that the aggression and control had diminished.

It is so nice to see the soul connection that my husband now has with himself.  He has even said that he wants to live as the real person that he is and I asked which one, the one in his head or the one in his heart and he said "The one from my soul."

Finally a breakthrough after years of struggling with our marriage.  As we are in Level 4 lockdown at present, living 24/7 with each other, this has come at a great time.

Thanks heaps Annette and I really appreciate your help in sorting out these issues as it has made a huge difference for us both."

Love Kerrie

Goddess Within

Goddess of the Temple Light


“I would highly recommend anyone to have a first light flower essence and astrological reading with Annette.  She has an amazing knowledge, passion, genuine helpfulness and sparkle in her eye and a knack for having you feel appreciated and supported. 


An insight about your astrological configuration can help you through the doubtful times and a carefully made 'First Light Flower Essence' blend gives you - for a start - a very manageable ritual of acknowledgement of your own active participation in pursuing your aspirations.  The combination is a real blessing.


Annette is practical and down-to-earth in working with spiritual context and showed up when just what I needed.”

Yours sincerely



“I find Annette’s readings are always very detailed.  I have asked Annette for guidance several times before because, after consulting with her, I feel like I have a better sense of direction in life.

When I was in the process of legally changing my name, I could not decide on a name that would suit me. From talking to Annette, I learned that names are very special. A birth name aligns with one’s destiny number and all the numbers work together to represent a person’s life. Annette gave me advice on some of the names, that I suggested for myself, and just by looking at the numbers in the names, she explained possible energies and the types of personalities associated with them. She clarified details on some names that stood out and had positive vibes.

I chose ‘Leigh Eastwood’ because it is a 9 (a humanitarian number), which is about unconditional love and compassion. I thought it would help me achieve ‘wholeness and peace’ and, also assist me in my future career.

Talking to Annette really helped as I could choose a name that would benefit my success in the future and not alter the natural dynamics of my life. I highly recommend consulting with Annette, it is definitely worth it and she also is very supportive.

I am excited to see what new fortunes that my new name will bring me in the future.”

Leigh E.


“Wayne and I have been blown away by great results!!

Because our personal sir name and business name were not fortunate names Annette helped us to change them to become fortunate for us.   


Following many years of only coasting along with our business, after 2 months, things are really changing extremely positively for us – it is actually happening!

A  BIG thank you from the bottom of our hearts Annette.”

Mary & Wayne 


“Thank you for the flower essence drops that you made for me and sent last week. They really work. I had to write to tell you.

I have been under enormous stress lately with house renovation issues and the kids! I haven’t been going to sleep very easily nor was I staying asleep. I was feeling really drained during the day and not coping well with making decisions, my appetite was gone and I was starting to physically deteriorate with stress. I contacted you and you made me special drops to calm me based on my birthdate. I was very skeptical that they could be better than Rescue Remedy but they really are and they worked almost immediately!

I started taking your drops two weeks ago twice daily and I feel much more calm and more in control of things. My heart has stopped racing and best of all I am getting a good night’s sleep again. I would thoroughly recommend your drops to anyone. I am most definitely going to keep a supply on hand. I don’t know how they work but they really do. Thank you once again.”

Susan S.


“I would like to thank you for your lovely sessions.

It was a privilege to receive healing from you, it filled me with peace, inner knowing and positivity.

You are very professional and are knowledgeable in different modalities which enhances your sessions.

It is very easy to talk to you. You are compassionate, kind, accepting and have unconditional love.

I would definitely recommend anyone to come and have a healing treatment with you.”

Much Love,

Ronith A.  


“Annette is a beautiful angel. A gifted and powerful healer, a very special lady.

After 10 years of unsuccessful fertility treatment I visited Annette on the advice of a good friend.

Annette realised there may have been some subconscious past life experience that was holding me in fear of becoming pregnant.

With Annette’s guidance we worked on that fear and within weeks I was to conceive my beautiful twin boys. My boys have bought me so much joy.

They are a gift from God and they would not have been able to join me in this lifetime without Annette’s help in clearing my past life trauma / fears.

Thank you, thank you, thank you ”

Margaret D.  


” Thank you so much for the most comprehensive report I have ever received, especially the progressed Sun and Moon part which is especially relevant right now.

I am in the middle of making some very important decisions and any help I can get is very welcome.”

Many thanks. Love to you.

C C    


” After leaving my marriage I suffered three months of anxiety at what I consider extreme levels.

I took on walking, went back to my husband, I gave up caffeine and started to go to church and NOTHING budged my anxiety.

The constant heart thumping and feelings of dread inside me were really taking their toll on me emotionally and physically.

I was beginning to think that I would require medication and had made an appointment to see a doctor when Annette mixed some flower remedies up for me.

The positive affect on me was almost immediate – I was amazed that within 24 hours my anxiety was 90% reduced and within three days I feel it is fully under control.

I really think this is a miracle cure that I could cope with all life is throwing at me. It made an important and much sort after difference in my body and mind.

I am eternally grateful.

Thank you Annette x

Jakkii G.


Annette Aughton’s healing process

“On a personal level, which I feel is the best way to discuss Annette’s healing process which has enabled me to achieve a synergistic well being, a deep feeling of calm against the storms that life can bring. A Magical Alchemy that jumps and jigs with pure warmth.

Annette begins with a complete and exact card reading that allows a foundation for analysis and a though going forward. Achieved with the application of flower essence drops. Vanguard essences that speak to our emotional, mental, spiritual and etheric properties. These essences from Aotearoa work in a wonderful synergy that allows a balance between the psychological and the physical providing a unity that many of us find lacking in our own world.

Annette as a healer provided me with what I needed free from drugs and all the pharmaceutical products that cloud and obscure our true self. Annette exudes a healing experience that is pure in spirit and clarity that I found uplifting.”

K Pierce   Auckland 

The single Hypnotique session I had with you Annette has been a great turning point, so thank you, I hadn't been able to move through my emotional situation with anything else.

In gratitude,


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